Islamic Society of Monterey County
(Msajid At-Taqwa)
405 Elm Ave Seaside, CA 93955 (831) 899.2969

Welcome to the Islamic Society of Monterey County
(Msajid At-Taqwa)
Serving Monterey, Seaside, Sand City, Del Rey Oaks, Marina, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach and the rest of Monterey County.
Weekly Friday Khutbas.
Weekly Quraan Recitation/Tajweed Class on Saterday between Maghreb and Ishaa.
Weekly Class for women on Saterday between Asr and Maghreb.
Weekly Quraan interpretaion lesson on Sunday after Ishaa.
Weekly Hadith lesson on Wednesday after Ishaa.
Daily Quraan recitation after Fajr prayer.
Weekly revision of Friday Khutba on Saterday after Ishaa.
Daily Prayer Schedule
Please Help Us Pay Masjid's Loans
Alhamdu-lillah, the hiking guy is progressing as planned. However, we currently have $100,000 in loans. Of which $45,000 must be paid back by June 1st, 2006. Therefore, your support is critical as ever. Please help us complete the task we started together. May Allah reward you all for your support.

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